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What is Sheila Shine?

Once again the field of chemistry has produced a product so outstanding, so different as to revolutionize the cleaning and polishing of your stainless steel. The Sheila Shine Process requires no rubbing or polishing. Its is so easy, so simple that it actually makes cleaning a pleasure, with unbelievable results. Sheila Shine prevents liquid penetration, eliminates streaking and resists finger marks



Where can you use Sheila Shine?
Use it in your home: kitchens, counter tops, stove tops, cabinets, bathroom fixtures (metal and porcelain), window and door fixtures (including kick plates), food preparation areas, etc. - even your fine furniture!
Use it on your boat: all metal and aluminum fixtures/fittings, towers, fiberglass, instrument panels, even your fine teak decking and other woodwork.
Use it at the office: work stations, desks, shelving, elevators, doors and knobs, all hard surfaces including most office machines.

Use in hospitals: corridors, nurses stations, elevators, etc.

Use anywhere: Any hard surface that needs cleaning and protection in one simple step.


How to use Sheila Shine?

A little Sheila Shine goes a LONG WAY! Apply Sheila Shine lightly with a clean cloth. Use sparingly, removing any excess with a dry cloth. No rubbing or polishing required. You will get unbelievable results with very little effort. In short, Sheila Shine will clean, polish and protect in one easy step!


What Sheila Shine does for your surfaces?

Sheila Shine removes dirt and grime, greasy film, water marks, it even covers scratches. Sheila Shine immediately forms a protective coating on any surface, repels water, prevents penetration of harmful liquids, retains its gloss indefinitely. Resists fingerprints and streaking. Preserves the surface against deterioration of all kinds!


Who uses Sheila Shine?

Sheila Shine is now used regularly in government buildings, including the Capital Building, the Pentagon, State Buildings and numerous others. In addition, Airlines, Hospitals, Universities, Civic Buildings, Department Stores, Leading Hotel and Motel Chains, Stainless Steel Fabricators, well known Restaurant Chains, Office Buildings, Public Schools, Leading Banks, and MORE...

Sheila Shine does not contain acid, silicon, or any abrasive substance... will not powder or cake in carved woods, crevices, etc.


Available Sizes:

Gallon Quart Aerosol  


Sheila Shine is simply America's premiere polish!

Gallon $32.19  Qty
Quart $12.02  Qty
Aerosol $8.45   Qty


Authorized by the USDA

D.O.T Approved




Questions?  ~  800-845-6677





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