Restaurant Griddles

Both range and countertop griddles can make your life easier, which is why we offer both for sale. Whichever size you need for your kitchen, you can easily choose a high-quality solution that has been built to last. Our products are designed with solid frames to ensure that they don’t require expensive maintenance. Their quality build makes them durable enough to stand up to long hours of daily use. Thanks to the fast & precise response of the burners, your kitchen staff won’t ever have to worry about accidentally burning your meal. Additionally, they’re surprisingly easy to clean, thanks to the large grease pans.

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EHDG-24 Enhanced 24" Gas Griddle

Qty. Available: 6

$795.00 /EACH
EHDG-48 Enhanced 48" Gas Griddle

Qty. Available: 1

$1,295.00 /EACH
EHDG-60 Enhanced 60" Gas Griddle

Qty. Available: 9

$1,675.00 /EACH