Commercial Fryers

Large fryers make working in a commercial kitchen much easier. That’s why we offer solutions that vary in size from 30 lbs to 75 lbs. No matter the size of your kitchen or how much you will be frying at once, we have the perfect solution for you. They are all designed to heat oil quickly and hold it at a stable temperature for the best frying results. Additionally, the control panels are protected from heat and the entire unit is made from stainless steel. This keeps the unit working perfectly for years, thanks to a durable build that’s easy to clean & maintain.

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USFF-400 US Refrigeration 40lb Fryer Gas NG

Qty. Available: 26

$859.00 /EACH
USFF-500 US Refrigeration 70-100lb Fryer Gas NG

Qty. Available: 9

$1,279.00 /EACH
IFST-25 Imperial 25lb Gas Fryer

Qty. Available: 1

$2,396.00 /EACH
IFS-40 Imperial 40lb Capacity Gas Fryer

Qty. Available: 10

$1,249.00 /EACH
IFS-50 Imperial 50lb Capacity Gas Fryer

Qty. Available: 7

$1,729.00 /EACH
IFS-75 Imperial 75lb Capacity Gas Fryer

Qty. Available: 2

$2,309.00 /EACH
AF35/50 American Range Gas Fryer

Qty. Available: 12

Call for Pricing 559-233-3700 /EACH
AF35/50LP American Range Lp Fryer

Qty. Available: 4

Call for Pricing 559-233-3700 /EACH