Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables

Without the right space, it can be really difficult to prep a sandwich or a salad. Not only will your restaurant benefit from having a dedicated space to prepare these dishes, but your team will also be able to quickly and easily clean the prep space. All of our tables are sturdy and durable, which means that they won’t wobble or shift position when they are in use. Additionally, they are built to last, with high-quality doors and insulation to protect all of the ingredients. If any question pops up when placing an order, simply call 1-800-562-4125.

79 Products

ESP-27-HC Enhanced Sandwich/Salad unit 27"

Qty. Available: 12

$1,259.00 /EACH
ESP-48-HC Enhanced Sandwich/Salad unit 48"

Qty. Available: 8

$1,695.00 /EACH
ESP-60-HC Enhanced Sandwich/Salad unit 60"

Qty. Available: 10

$2,095.00 /EACH
ESP-72-HC Enhanced Sandwich/Salad unit 72"

Qty. Available: 11

$2,495.00 /EACH