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SUSHI KNIVES, SUSHI KNIFE SETS, KNIVES sushi knives, sushi knife sets, sushi


SUSHI KNIVES, SUSHI KNIFE SETS, KNIVES sushi knives, sushi knife sets, sush


SUSHI KNIVES, SUSHI KNIFE SETS, KNIVES sushi knives, sushi knife sets, sush



SUSHI KNIVES, SUSHI KNIFE SETS, KNIVES sushi knives, sushi knife sets, sush

Where Tradition and Artistry Merge: The SUSHIMEN'S LINE of Premium Sushi Knives

Tradition and artistry. These are words as revered by the skilled craftspeople of Mundial as they are by Master Sushi Chefs of Japan. Today, the rich traditions and meticulous artistry of both groups have come together to create the world's finest premium sushi knives, the SUSHIMEN'S LINE from Mundial.

While the SUSHIMEN'S LINE meets the stringent requirements of professional sushi chefs, it also answers the needs of the growing number of gourmet cooks and sushi lovers who want to prepare their own sushi creations at home using professional-grade tools.

Just as Master Sushi Chefs pride themselves on preparing sushi and sashimi as aesthetically appealing as they are appetizing, SUSHIMEN'S knives reflect the perfect marriage of form and function.

Each knife is handcrafted to the requirements of professional sushi chefs

Mundial developed the SUSHIMEN'S LINE in conjunction with the people who know better than anyone what makes a great sushi knife - top sushi chefs. Their expert consultation has enabled Mundial to create a complete set of premium knives guaranteed to provide a lifetime of use to both professional and home sushi chefs.

Each knife is shaped, weighted and balanced for its task

The art of sushi-making requires precision tools - each one designed for a specific purpose. That's why the SUSHIMEN'S LINE from Mundial includes all five types of sushi knives:

  • Yanagi Bocho. Available in 8 3/4" and 10" lengths, the Yanagi knife lets chefs slice fish for sushi and sashimi in a single, fluid motion.
  • Deba Bocho. With its heavy blade, the Deba Bocho knife minimizes the effort of cleaning fish. It is available in both 6" and 7" lengths.
  • Yasai Bocho. The stout, cleaver-like blade of the Yasai Bocho knife makes it ideal for chopping vegetables quickly and cleanly.
  • Tachi Bocho. The long, slender Tachi Bocho knife enables the easy preparation of ingredients such as octopus for sashimi.
  • Kazari Bocho. A pleasing presentation is essential to sushi-making and the angled tip of the Kazari Bocho knife lets chefs create decorative cuttings using vegetables and greens.
Each SUSHIMEN'S knife is properly balanced to concentrate the weight in its blade, thereby enabling it to deliver greater cutting force with a minimum of effort.

Each single-edged blade is tempered and honed for maximum sharpness

Much of the visual appeal of professionally-prepared sushi comes from the clean, precise cuts of all ingredients. That’s why, unlike other cutlery, sushi knives feature a single cutting edge on each blade. By selecting the best alloys to ensure strength and resilience, then tempering and honing each blade by hand for maximum sharpness, Mundial makes it easy for home sushi chefs to cut cleanly and accurately with a single stroke.

Each handle is ergonomically designed

Mundial's attention to detail in the design of the SUSHIMEN'S LINE extends to the shapes, sizes and lengths of the knife handles. Crafted from Amapá, a dense-grained hardwood, the handles of the SUSHIMEN'S knives follow traditional designs. Each one is tapered to fit the shape of the hand, ensuring a comfortable grip and the proper cutting angle for its task. Some of the knives feature an oval shape to ensure a secure grip, and all SUSHIMEN'S knives are designed for both right- and left-handed users.

Mundial's tradition of quality and craftsmanship

In addition to its many unique attributes, the SUSHIMEN'S LINE delivers the high quality and value-added features that consumers expect from a premium collection of professional sushi knives. SUSHI KNIVES, SUSHI KNIFE SETS, KNIVES

Stainless Steel.
SUSHIMEN'S knives are made of stainless steel that has been specially developed to meet the highest standards of performance and processed under stringent quality assurance measures.

Blade Finishing.
Mundial SUSHIMEN'S knives feature a honed and polished finish that ensures precise and smooth cutting while offering greater durability, reduced abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Assembly and Finishing.
To meet international hygiene standards, Mundial uses an assembly process that ensures that SUSHIMEN'S knives have no gaps between the blade and the handle.

Final Quality Inspection.
Mundial knives are fully tested throughout the manufacturing process, then periodically reinspected after manufacture and assembly to ensure that they meet engineering specifications.

Care, Cleaning and Maintenance

According to Japanese cutlery tradition, SUSHIMEN'S knives have wooden handles and dishwasher use is not recommended. Like all fine cutlery, SUSHIMEN'S knives should be washed by hand with a mild soap, dried immediately after use, and stored in a clean, dry place. To prevent rusting and guarantee long life, SUSHIMEN'S knives should not be left in contact with foods and acid liquids for long periods of time, and users should avoid cutting on hard surfaces such as metal or ceramics.

Sharpening SUSHIMEN'S Knives

With proper care and regular sharpening, SUSHIMEN'S LINE of premium-quality sushi knives from Mundial will provide professional and home sushi chefs with a lifetime of use while maintaining their sharpness, quality and beauty. Sharpening SUSHIMEN'S knives is best performed in a three-step process:

1. Honing

Lubricate a natural Arkansas whetstone (Mundial Item #ZH-3) with Mundial Honing Oil and position it on a waist-high work surface. Gripping the SUSHIMEN'S knife by its handle, hold its blade against the stone so that its beveled edge lies flat on the surface of the stone. Applying firm and steady pressure, push the blade against and across the stone in a smooth stroke, beginning with the foot of the blade (nearest the handle) and ending at the tip of the knife. Repeat several times until a burr forms on the sharpened edge of the knife.

Turn the knife over onto its flat side. Keeping the blade flat against the stone and applying steady pressure, move it across the stone from one end to the other in a spiral motion. Repeat the complete honing procedure several times, reducing the pressure on the blade each time.

2. Fine Honing
Switch to a Hard Arkansas (Mundial Item #ZH-4) whetstone and repeat the procedures used in the first step.

3. Burnishing Switch to a Natural Extra-Fine Honing Stone and repeat the procedures used in the first two steps. Following these directions will result in a razor-sharp knife with a brilliant mirror finish.



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