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The "PRAWNTO®" shrimp cutter and deveiner - the most dependable piece of equipment of its kind on the market today. Because it is powered by a ¼ h.p. motor and constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, and high quality standards in the maufacturing processess, we offer a 1 year warranty.

Who uses the PRAWNTO®?........ Major and Independent Restaurants, Hotels, Retail Seafood Stores, Supermarkets, and Shrimp Processing Plants Worldwide.

Why buy another piece of equipment?........ If your operation sells or processes shrimp, and you clean shrimp by hand, we can show you how to cut your labor in half, while providing an operating standard of speed that can be checked by management, and allow for the most efficient use of labor. The Prawnto® is a must in today's labor environment. Totally safe to operate, it also alleviates the tedious hand peeling motions that can cause costly wrist injury.

What exactly does the PRAWNTO® do?......... It cuts the shrimp down the back to any depth while destroying most of the sand vein. The shell is then easily removed by "pinching" it off from the underside. The tail can be removed or left on for any presentation required.

What about cutting different sizes of shrimp?......... Here is the beauty of the Prawnto... It's self adjusting for different sizes. With our NEW patented roller system only the depth knob is necessary for different depths of cut.

Can the PRAWNTO® butterfly?....... Yes. The cut will be deep in the front to fan the shrimp for better presentation while stopping at the tail section for efficient breading or skewering. Round cut is also possible with the Prawnto.

How fast is the Prawnto?......... An inexperienced operator can cut shrimp at the rate of 3,600 shrimp per hour. That rate translates into the following pounds per hour:

U-12.............300 Lbs.
16-20............200 Lbs.
26-30............128 Lbs.
36-50............84 Lbs.
50-60............65 Lbs.
90-110..........36 Lbs.

What are the size ranges the PRAWNTO® can handle?.....U10 down to 71/90 count green headless product.

Will there be any damage or mis-cut shrimp?.......... NO. With proper, simple maintenance and cleaning, the cutting blade will always cut down the center of the shrimp's back each and every time.

The three available models of the SHRIMPERFECT™ SYSTEM give you options depending on your needs.




medium-capacity unit designed for restaurants

  •  Standard sleeve

  •  UL & NSF listed

high-capacity unit for restaurant use

  •  Stainless steel
      safety guard w/
      self-oiling pillow
      block bearings

heavy-duty model designed for processors

  • Internal cooling fan for continuous use

  • Our best unit

Prawnto Shrimp Machine Co. of Texas has been the leader in shrimp processing equipment since 1952.  Our exclusive SHRIMPERFECT™ SYSTEM has been found to be the most profitable way to process shrimp.

All of our models, the MLG-2K, the MLG-3 and the MLG-4 share the following features and performance standards:

  •  Cuts shrimp to any depth

  •  Easy peel, round cut, butterfly
      & western cut.

  •  Cuts sizes  U/10 to 90-115
      per pound

  •  Safe and easy to operate

  •  Simple maintenance and
      easy to clean

  •  Self adjusts for different sizes
      of shrimp









Our new MLG-4 is our best model.


The SHRIMPERFECT™ SYSTEM cuts shrimp peeling time by -  75% -




Our base MLG-2K, shown with
optional Model 600 Speed Pan
 & 1000C Stand, can do the job.


We have prepared a movie that walks you through the easy steps in setting up, using and servicing the SHRIMPERFECT™ SYSTEM shrimp processing machines.  In it you will see the access to and working the machines for periodic maintenance and troubleshooting is simple and quick.  Just click on the link below to view and listen to the movie.  If you don't have Real Time Player, just click on the link below to download a free copy.

 View Movie (Click Here)



Speed Pan Model 600............. Designed with built-in funnel for faster operation if Model 900 processing station is not used. Fits any model Prawnto ever sold.

Specifications: Both Models
Model number: MLG-3 & MLG-2K

Dimensions: W-11 ½", L-17 ¼", Hgt.-10 ½"

Electrical: 115V, 60 C.P.S. ¼ H.P.,, 5.1 amp
Also 220V, 50 & 60 C.P.S., 2.7 amp
Listings: National Sanitation Foundation Standard 8 - NSF
Underwriters Laboratories - UL
    MLG-4    $1075


 MLG-3    $955


MLG-2k    $875


Speed Pan for above units   $71.95





Prawnto® with Processing

Table Model 900



Processing Table Model 900


  Welded 3000 series stainless steel, NSF listed includes catch pan and 5" casters, two locking. Ergonomically correct for speed and comfort while allowing for the fastest speed of operation. It is a self-contained processing station that can be used anywhere there is a power plug.

900 Table Only









Prawnto® with Processing

Table Model 1000





Processing Table Model 1000

1000 Table Only




Oyster Separator

(not shown)















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