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10" Dipwell

This standard well is the most popular Dipwell product. It holds four to six scoops or paddles and is used in conjunction with a freezer chest holding 6 5-gallon flavors of ice cream.

  • Length: 10 Inches
  • Width: 3 Inches
  • Height: 6 inches
  • Drain Hole: 1-1/16" Inch Diameter
  • 3 Mounting Holes 1/4" Diameter
  • 4 Inches Apart
  • 1 Inch in on sides







6" Round Drop-In Dipwell

If the need for cleaning scoops or paddles is limited to just two or three or you prefer positioning the dipwell in the counter instead of mounting on the outside, then a 6" round Dipwell will meet your needs.

This drop-in also has an optional basket to catch condiments if the drop-in is being used as a sink.









15" Dipwell

If you have a longer freezer chest and/or a projected higher rate of customers, perhaps the 15" dipwell is what you need at the counter. It will hold eight to ten scoops and paddles upright in the three divided compartments. The stainless steel divider is easily removable for cleaning purposes.

  • Length: 15 Inches
  • Width: 3 Inches
  • Height: 6 Inches
  • Drain Hole: 1-1/16" Diameter
  • 5 Mounting Holes 1/4" Diameter







Installation of Dipwells is easy with this handy kit. The complete installation kit illustrated here is designed to be easily and quickly installed.

The seven separate parts, including the flexible plastic tubing, enable most anyone to install the DIPWELL both promptly and efficiently.

All dipwells are meant to have water flowing into the well, filling to the overflow pipe and then exiting. This movement of water takes ice cream or other food residue from the food-serving implement and washes it away because of the constant overflow. The quantity of water can be controlled in two ways. One way is by turning the barrel valve partially closed and the other method is to insert a restrictor in the line to control the amount of water.

By quickly washing the scoop or paddle in the Dipwell, and tapping-off, there are no unwanted flavors mixed together either in the ice cream can or in the product being sold.

Excess water that may remain on the scoop or other implement should be tapped off on the black rubber rim on the top edge of the dipwell. This prevents ice crystals from forming in the ice cream that is being served.

Because the Dipwell is made of 24 gauge stainless steel like good quality cookware, it can be easily cleaned by the use of a steel wool pad. This removes any buildup of residue when done on a daily basis and keeps the Dipwell clean and attractive to the customer and sanitary for ongoing use.

The running water Dipwell meets the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare standards which state in Chapter 2, Section 506 that any implement used to serve food must be contained in the food, be put through a dish washing cycle, or stand in cold running water. The Dipwell may also be plumbed with hot water if desired.






  • The Dipwell fastens to your counter or ice cream cabinet in the spot you choose as most convenient. It fastens firmly with screws and either flexible or permanent tubing for inlet and outlet.


  • You can be quick on the draw with a Dipwell...your scoops are always handy, always clean, and a tap of the scoop on the rubber rim shakes off excess water. One quick motion and you're ready to go.


  • Your scoops and paddles rest in clear, running water, cleaning themselves in seconds. Water inlet is two inches above water level, conforming with all sanitary codes. The overflow tube slips out for easy cleaning.


  • Dipwell is easy to install, easy to keep up, because of clean-lined design. Sturdy tank removable overflow tube, rubber tap rim shaped for proper drainage, and high quality fittings. All are designed to do an important job the best way.


  • Your Dipwell is made of high quality stainless steel, with plated copper and brass fittings. Lead-free soldered seams on the bottom and firm attaching screws make your Dipwell sturdy for long, long life.


  • Dipwell dresses up any ice cream cabinet. Shiny stainless steel and plated fittings make it look good and whisk clean with stainless steel scrubbing pad.


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